Ms. Geri Baumblatt

Docola & Difference Collaborative

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Geri has worked in patient communication, education and engagement for over 20 years.. At Emmi she oversaw the creation of a large library of multimedia resources to educate patients, participate in shared and informed decision making, and improve outcomes. She co-founded the Difference Collaborative to help raise awareness and support for family caregivers, so they can care, work and thrive. She also partners in outcomes research, creates and tests resources for patients and families, and helps organizations incorporate the patient voice into their work. She's currently working with Docola, a social good org that offers a free care communication platform to healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics to create a patient education content clearinghouse and help clinicians find and e-prescribe clear, actionable, health literate information to patients that meets their informational, social and emotional needs and helps create trust, better conversations and better relationships.